New Age

Fantasy worlds created by designers strike imagination of gamers and force them to spend many hours on epic battles and dizzying adventures. In the new mobile online-RPG New Age you have to dive in one of these worlds – beautiful, full of magic and battles. The once thriving, now it is broken into pieces, attacked by the forces of evil, and you will become one of those who can change this.
The world of New Age has existed for a long time, and over years the game has acquired an army of fans that now will join them in fighting. Read more »


Order & Chaos ll: Redemption

It is a continuation of one of the best mobile MMORPGs, and I must say, a very worthy. Its storyline concludes a dramatic story that unfolded in the first game and ended rather unexpectedly.
About 600 years passed after the events highlighted in the first episode of the game. Much has changed: the search of Khalin’s Hammer was successfull, with its help the Primal Heart was destroyed, but the chaos, contrary to expectations, didn’t retreat. It became even stronger. The heroes died, the darkness won, and only hundreds of years later after the appearance of new races and heroes, the world had another chance to finally get rid of the chaos. Read more »


Nitro Nation

If after installing Nitro Nation on your device you hope this will be a usual race, the title will surprise you as it is devoted to drag racing. You won’t find here winding tracks, you won’t be chased by the police, and you won’t have to perform mind-blowing tricks in your car. Everything is simpler and more complicated at once as drag racing is very specific. Read more »


Heroes and Castles 2

The army of skeletons appeared on the horizon. Soldiers with torch-bearers left the castle and lined outside waiting for the enemy. They’re covered by the archers hiding in the walls.

Creatures of darkness are approaching, the enemy armies will face a strong fire and violent confrontation. This is not a scene from “The Lord of the Rings” but the new game Heroes and Castles 2, epic and full of interesting opportunities. Read more »


Forgotten Memories

Developers from the studio Psychoz tried to revive the classic survival-horror genre in the style of Silent Hill and it looks like they managed to do it. You can see the similarity while playing Forgotten Memories in a dark room using headphones – the effect of presence is so strong that you will be thrilled. Read more »