Heroes and Castles 2

The army of skeletons appeared on the horizon. Soldiers with torch-bearers left the castle and lined outside waiting for the enemy. They’re covered by the archers hiding in the walls.

Creatures of darkness are approaching, the enemy armies will face a strong fire and violent confrontation. This is not a scene from “The Lord of the Rings” but the new game Heroes and Castles 2, epic and full of interesting opportunities. Read more »


Forgotten Memories

Developers from the studio Psychoz tried to revive the classic survival-horror genre in the style of Silent Hill and it looks like they managed to do it. You can see the similarity while playing Forgotten Memories in a dark room using headphones – the effect of presence is so strong that you will be thrilled. Read more »


‘Despicable Me’ Minions Find Their ‘Paradise’ In Upcoming Mobile Game

The Minions are recruiting, and this summer, you’ll get your chance to sign up.

Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships & Licensing announced Tuesday a new partnership with Electronic Arts to bring the bright yellow characters from the Despicable Me and Minions movies to mobile gaming over the next few years, beginning with Minions Paradise later this year. Read more »


Five Nights at Freddy’s movie in the works at Warner Bros.

Scott Cawthon’s wildly successful Five Nights at Freddy’s could be coming to a movie theater near you. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to Five Nights at Freddy’s with the intent to adapt the horror game series into a feature film. Read more »


Sid Meier’s Starships

Sid Meier’s name can actually be considered a synonym of qualitatively made serious strategies. Its developments Pirates and Civilization defined standards of the genre, and the fresh project Starships immediately after the announcement caused a lot of questions: if this game meets requirements the author set himself? Whether it will be sufficiently balanced?
The game puts us in the same universe as Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth did and offers an exciting space adventure.
Fans of Civilization immediately find some similarities between the two games: attacking territories, construction of impressive objects and trade with other civilizations.
Read more »