Sid Meier’s name can actually be considered a synonym of qualitatively made serious strategies. Its developments Pirates and Civilization defined standards of the genre, and the fresh project Starships immediately after the announcement caused a lot of questions: if this game meets requirements the author set himself? Whether it will be sufficiently balanced?
The game puts us in the same universe as Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth did and offers an exciting space adventure.
Fans of Civilization immediately find some similarities between the two games: attacking territories, construction of impressive objects and trade with other civilizations.
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World Zombination

World Zombination is a breath of fresh air in this genre and a hoary theme of zombie apocalypse. There are not many highly appreciated games with these horrible creatures.
The game dwells on a problem of zombie invasion in a different way than most of such games. In fact this is a game about a war between the human race and creatures eating human brains. For a start, you have to choose which side you want to take.
By itself, the gameplay is saturated with some tactical element. You have an ability to release hundreds of units at once and attack nearby towers or carefully deploy troops around the city. In both cases you will discover new combat units, improve their level as well as personal skills and abilities.
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Midnight Star

Every gamer knows that first-person shooters are very inconvenient to play without a keyboard and mouse. Mobile gamers have dreamt of the invention of some innovational way to try shooters on mobile platforms and touch-screens conveniently.
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Shadow show – this sounds so familiar! In childhood we all enthusiastically tried to create a shadow on the wall, illuminated by a flashlight, folding hands and fingers in the most incredible way.
We may not be original, comparing recently appeared Shadowmatic game with the shadow show, but the developers of Triada Studio were really inspired by it. The concept of shadow show was realized in the form of the original 3D-puzzler in which you have to turn in the air mysterious three-dimensional objects, getting the shadows, until they transform from shapeless objects into real-world objects.
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Loveshack Entertainment Company decided that the choice of really good puzzlers is not so big and released FRAMED which received excellent reviews from critics and won more than 20 nominations.
Even a connoisseur in games Hideo Kojima wrote on Twitter that he highly appreciates FRAMED. It’s a rare thing to hear words of praise when we deal with a puzzler. What is it so highly appreciated for?
A murder has been committed in a tall building. On hearing the shots the police began to knock the door in, hoping to catch a murderer right on the scene of the crime.
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